Calling all Omaha area MUSICIANS:

Want a free styled photoshoot, documentary short film, practice space,

and performance space?

Apply for the Roland Fitz Band Residency today!

Images from Bokr Tov band residency at Roland Fitz

Roland Fitz is an artist run store, and our goal is to facilitate a community for creatives to shop and support local artists. But we want that to go beyond just buying and selling goods. Our band residency program is a month long multi-media experience all about your band and your creative process!

How it works:

If chosen to be a part of the Roland Fitz Band Residency Program, you will spend 2 weeks at Roland Fitz creating and collaborating. For your mini doc, we'll have a sit down interview to talk about the history of your band, and the process you go through when creating. You will also receive a styled photo shoot with the Roland Fitz wardrobe. At the end of the week we will host a show open to the public, posters from your styled shoot will also be for sale. Your band will keep 20% of the poster sales, while the rest go to cover the costs of producing the event, photo shoots, and mini-doc.

What you get:

  1. Practice space 3 nights a week in our store after hours. The store is open until 5pm Tues-Fri, but closed all day on Mondays.

  2. A styled photoshoot by store owner and lead stylists, @RolandMassow.

  3. A mini-doc all about your band and its creative process.

  4. A show open to the public Friday night inside of Roland Fitz.

  5. 20% of sales from posters.

What you give:

  1. No money. This costs you nothing. You're even making money out of it. We’re just artists supporting artists.

  2. All photos will make their first appearance on the Roland Fitz social media accounts.

  3. Your mini-doc will debut on the Roland Fitz official Youtube channel.

  4. Your band will play a 15 minute set at the Roland Fitz Quarterly Collection Showcase event that follows your residency.

  5. Just make sure you bring some fun creative vibes to make a beautiful collaboration.

Fill out an application below and we will be in contact shortly, looking forward to collaborating!