Do you have a distinct personal style?

Are you the person your friends look to for style inspiration?

Host a Roland Fitz

Private Styling Party!!

This is your party, with your friends, in our space.

How it works:

Pick an available evening to host your private, 3 hour long styling party. Invite your friends for a night of fashion and chill vibes down at Roland Fitz. Its basically just you and your friends hanging out, playing dress-up, and taking photos! We’ll provide drinks, a phone-friendly photo studio, the most chill party spot, and our entire warehouse of unique vintage finds. You provide any snacks you want, invite all your friends and have them RSVP in advance. At the beginning of the night we will take a minute to explain our subscription model and how it is the affordable, environmentally-friendly counterpart to fast fashion. You will be able to giveaway 1 free 5pc and 1 free 10pc subscription as a raffle for anyone that comes to the party.

DOUBLE ALSO, we encourage anyone joining us for your styling party to bring old clothes that they no longer wear. They can either sell them to the store for store credit, or trade them with other people. Either way, people can go home with new clothes without having to spend a bunch of money!

Fill out an application below and we will be in contact shortly, looking forward to collaborating!

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