Do you have a distinct personal style?

Are you the person your friends look to for style inspiration?

Have a loyal online following?

Join the Roland Fitz influencer program today!!

How it works:

What you get:

  1. 10pc wardrobe to use for the month. You come in and pick out all your own clothes, that way you can make sure everything is on brand for you.

  2. A unique signup code to give your follows so they can sign up for their own subscription. You receive 10% store credit commission on everyone that signs up for their first month using your code.

What you give:

  1. In exchange for your wardrobe we ask that you post 5 looks on your Instagram story throughout the month talking about your pieces. Explain why you chose what you did, how/why you are wearing them, different ways to style them for different events, etc. 1 full look consists of 2-4 posts on your story throughout the day. These can be a combination of videos, photos, boomerangs, etc. Make sure to highlight them with a #MyRolandFitz tab on your profile!

  2. We also ask that you make 2 posts about the Roland Fitz subscription model over the month. These are more of an ad compared to your normal day-to-day posts, but you can still put it in your own words and be honest. Just tell people how much you are loving your subscription, and talk about why you choose the pieces you did.

Fill out an application below and we will be in contact shortly, looking forward to collaborating!

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